We work alongside Early Childhood Coalitions of Alberta (ECCA), who represents the nearly 100 coalitions across Alberta.

ECCA helps to build awareness, capacity and momentum at a provincial and community level to enhance children’s well-being and development through a community development approach to support communities in creating the best conditions for early child development.

Our membership currently includes the Edmonton Public Libraries, Amity House, City of Edmonton Community Services, a North Central community member and new Grandma, E4C Alberta, and the Glengarry Childcare Society. We are always welcoming new member!

As a coalition, we are committed to:

  • Understanding our community’s early development results
  • To use the results to engage our community, and
  • Plan actions to better support local children and families.

Our action plan includes:

  • Raising public awareness of the importance of the early years
  • Sharing the data we have and encouraging community partners to use this data in decision making
  • Identifying community strengths and unmet needs
  • Increasing awareness of existing community resources
North Central Snapshot For the complete community information package for North Central: Link Here
Community Stories

We understand that a child’s development is influenced by a variety of factors, including genetics, the family, the community, socio-economic conditions, and early child development services and policy. We take the approach that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ which is why we have come together as a coalition. We recognize that if we all work together we can have a much greater impact. Our work is based on collaboration, relationships, trust, and shared values. We work together to increase cohesion in what is often a fragmented system and to engage community members in the importance of the early years.

We know in North Central Edmonton that 31% of our children reach school age without the physical, social, emotional, and language development that they need. As a Coalition we know we can do better, and that in order to, we all have to work together.

Our coalition will be successful with a broad range of stakeholders at the table; we invite all our community partners to join, including parents, grandparents, educators, business people, municipal leaders, and other community stakeholders. We all have a role to play in the successful development of our young children.

North Central Early Years Coalition

To learn more about the North Central Early Years Coalition, to get involved, or to invite us to meet with you or your community group, please contact us at:

Tracy Patience
Tel: 780-478-5022
Email: tracyp@amityhouse.ca

Tenille Bennett
Tel: 780-983-4872
Email: ncearlyyears@gmail.com

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North Central Map

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