Who We Are

In December 2010 Discovering West Edmonton was successful in its proposal for an Early Childhood Development Community Response Seed Grant and formed the Discovering West Edmonton Coalition in January 2011 in response to the Early Childhood Development Mapping Initiative. Funding for the grant was provided by Alberta Education. The grant provided us with an exciting opportunity to support the healthy development of our young children. The grants aim is to promote broad-based community supports and resources for young children (from birth to age five) and their families.

The intent of the Coalition is to help our west Edmonton community understand and respond to the research information that emerged from the Early Child Development Mapping Initiative. The Coalition nurtures assets and capacities with potential to enhance positive early development through micro-project support.

Community engagement is at the heart of the project. Engaged communities are a key to healthy child development and the communities in which children live have an enormous influence on their development. Studies show that children who have access to good early childhood supports and programs do better on developmental scales and are better prepared for school than those who don’t. Strong communities and quality, accessible resources can help to overcome the negative impact of poverty and other social risk factors, while building resiliency.

Our Vision

Through community conversations, residents and organizations will identify the strength

in their communities and build on those strengths to create stronger,

healthier supports for preschool children and their readiness for learning.

Our Mission

“The first 2000 days of life shape a child’s future.

We inspire and support West Edmonton communities

 to identify strengths and maximize opportunities for growth and development in the early years.”


Coalition Partner Websites

Alta Care Resources

Jasper Place Child and Family Resource Centre-West Edmonton Parent Link


Edmonton Public Library

Community Options

City of Edmonton/Community Services

West Meadows Baptist Church

Community Member/United Nations of Canada

Health for Two West Edmonton

ECD Mapping Zone Coordinator