Snapshot of Child Development in SW

Who are We?

We are parents, educators, librarians, health and child care providers, service organizations, funders, and community partners. We work with the Early Childhood Mapping (EcMap) initiative to share, and
contribute to, research on the development of young children ages 0-5 years in our community.

What do we Know?

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What do these Results Tell Us?

They tell us that we can do better.

The 2014 EDI results tell us that 54.6% of children in Southwest Edmonton are demonstrating the skills and abilities we would expect them to by the time they start kindergarten. That’s good news!

The results also tell us that 25.3% of children in Southwest Edmonton are having difficulty or extreme difficulty in one or more of the five developmental areas. We can do better!

Check out the baseline results for each of the 11 sub-communities at: EdmSW_CommunityProfile_Spring2014_F.

Why is this Important?

The first 2000 days matter! The first 2000 days is the time period from 0-5 years of age. This period is critical for brain development. Our children’s experiences in these early years have a lifelong impact on their:

  • Learning and school success
  • Family life and other relationships
  • Mental & Physical Health
  • and so forth…

If we can help improve our children’s early experiences we can improve how they develop in these five important development areas and help them reach their potential.

What can Our Community Do?

Nurturing and stimulating environments help children thrive and do well. It takes a community to build and support these environments to help our young children reach their potential. Together, we are all part of that community and we can help.

We have new results about how the young children in Southwest Edmonton are developing and we’d like to share it with you. We’d also like to know what your neighbourhood has that supports the development of our youngest children – and we’d like to know what you think is missing. To help us with this, you can:

  • Invite us to share the results with your community league, play group, school or business.
  • Tell us about programs and services in your neighbourhoods.
  • Connect with us on social media.  LIKE us on Facebook or FOLLOW us on  Twitter.
  • Share your events/programs with SWEY and we will share them with our growing network.
  • Join SWEY and help us make a difference in Southwest Edmonton.
  • Help us increase awareness about the importance of early childhood development and early childhood development initiatives.
  • Share your ideas about the early years with your friends, neighbours and community

For more information about ECMap, the Early Development Instrument (EDI) please visit:

To get involved in SWEY or initiate a conversation about the early years, please feel free to contact Sherri at:

Each of the sub-communities are made up of neighbourhoods.  See below for where your neighbourhood is included in a subcommunity.

  • Subcommunity A: U of A Farm, Allendale, Lendrum, Pleasantview (see page 8)
  • Subcommunity B: Brander, Brookside, Brookview, Bulyea, Hodgson, Ramsay, Rhatigan, Riverbend (see page 9)
  • Subcommunity C: Aspen, Blue Quill Estates, Grandview, Lansdowne, Westbrook (see page 10)
  • Subcommunity D: Empire Park, Malmo (see page 11)
  • Subcommunity E: Blue Quill, Greenfield, Royal Gardens, Skyrattler, Sweet Grass (see page 12)
  • Subcommunity F: Duggan, Ermineskin, Rideau Park, Steinhauer (see page 13)
  • Subcommunity G: Carter Crest, Falconer, Haddow, Leger, Oak Hills (see page 14)
  • Subcommunity H: Hodgson, MacTaggart, Magrath, Ogilvie, Terwillegar (see page 15)
  • Subcommunity I: Twin Brooks (see page 16)
  • Subcommunity J: Bearspaw, Keheewin (see page 17)
  • Subcommunity K: Ambleside, Chapelle, Heritage Valley (Allard, Blackburne, Blackmud Creek, Callaghan, MacEwan, Richford, Rutherford), Windermere (see page 18)