Snapshot of Child Development


The South East Edmonton Early Childhood Coalition (SEEECCC) has received the EDI data from the 2016 province wide collection and overall our children are doing quite well, although 138 of the 393 kindergarten aged children assessed in the SE area are at risk or vulnerable in the domains of social competence and emotional maturity.  

Why is This Important?

Early Childhood development sets the course for a child’s future.

It affects:

  •  how well they do in school, and
  •  their physical and mental health, behavior, relationships, and general well being.

Providing healthy environments in the early years pays great dividends. Happy, healthy, successful children create vibrant communities. For every dollar invested in the early years, $7 is saved in later years.

Click here to read our brochure 2018 SEEECCC Brochure and find out what we have learned about 5 year olds in the Southeast communities.

Click below to see the 2016 EDI data for the South East communities.


To see a chart comparing the EDI data for Alberta, Edmonton, and SE Edmonton click on the link below.

2016 EDI SEEECCC-AB-Edmonton Comparison Chart