Snapshot of Child Development

The Alberta Government launched the Early Childhood Development Mapping Project ( ), four years ago, to gather and analyze information related to child development, and assist communities in interpreting results and forming early childhood development coalitions.

After a lot of good work by kindergarten teachers and volunteers, we have, in effect, a census of child development in our city.

Edmonton EDI 2009-2011

Kindergarten teachers, using the Early Development Instrument (EDI), have assessed the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and communication development of almost 7,000 children. Regrettably we have learned that too many children are falling short of the appropriate benchmarks for their age.

To see the EDI Analysis for Edmonton:

What is the EDI?

  • The EDI is a questionnaire completed by Kindergarten teachers across the Province
  • The EDI gathers information about children’s development in their early years
  • The EDI data allows us to understand trends in child development across the Province that can help shape decision-making, planning, programs and policy
  • The questionnaire has 104 questions and measures five core areas of early child development that are known to be good predictors of adult health, education and social outcomes

The EDI is NOT a diagnostic measure or assessment tool for individual children

The EDI is NOT used to evaluate teachers or individual programs


Source: Human Early Learning Partnership,,  accessed July 31, 2013.


The EDI Describes Development in the following five areas: 

Five Areas