Snapshot of Child Development


The Alberta Government ministries of Health, Education, and Community and Social Services work together to gather and analyze information related to child development using a tool called the Early Development Instrument.  

What is the EDI? (Information from )

The Early Development Instrument (EDI) is a questionnaire completed by kindergarten teachers in Alberta every three years that measures children’s ability to meet age-appropriate developmental expectations in five general domains:

Ø  Physical Health and Well-Being – Sample EDI Question: Would you say that this child is well coordinated (moves without running into things or tripping over things)?

Ø  Social Competence – Sample EDI Question: Would you say that his child is able to follow one-step instructions?

Ø  Emotional Maturity – Sample EDI Question: Would you say that this child comforts a child who is crying or upset?

Ø  Language and Cognitive Development – Sample EDI Question: Would you say that this child is able to read simple words?

Ø  Communication Skills and General Knowledge – Sample EDI Question: How would you rate this child’s ability to tell a story?

Why is the EDI Important?

  • Parents, Community, Educators and School Reps use EDI results to help identify strengths and needs

needs of the children within their communities.

  • Government uses EDI data to plan early childhood investment, inform policy and program development

decisions, or evaluate programs.

  • Researchers use EDI data to address important questions and create new research programs to help better understand the genetic, biological, and social determinants of children’s health, well-being and development.













To view the EDI Data Community Reports for Edmonton as a whole as well as the individual geographic areas, please go to the Early Childhood Coalitions of Alberta (EECA) website below.

The EDI Program