Who We Are

We work together to support communities in creating the best conditions for early child development.

Our membership currently includes the Edmonton Public Libraries, Amity House, City of Edmonton Community Services, a North Central community member and new Grandma, E4C Alberta, and the Glengarry Childcare Society. We are always welcoming new member!

As a coalition, we are committed to:

  • Understanding our community’s early development results
  • To use the results to engage our community, and
  • Plan actions to better support local children and families.

Our action plan includes:

  • Raising public awareness of the importance of the early years
  • Sharing the data we have and encouraging community partners to use this data in decision making
  • Identifying community strengths and unmet needs
  • Increasing awareness of existing community resources


July 2017

Family Park Nights!

January 2017

Brain Development Workshop March 9, 2017

April 2016

FREE Brain Development Workshop

November 2014

Norlien Brain Development Workshop

May 2014

Passport to Learning Through Play: Londonderry Library

May 2014

Passport to Learning Through Play: Castledowns Library

May 2014

Passport to Learning Through Play: Calder Library

November 2013

North Central Edmonton Early Years Coalition celebrates National Child Day at the Londonderry Library

August 2013

NC participates in a Together We Raise Tomorrow government consultation on early child development

July 2013

NC meets with Minister Hancock as a part of the City-Wide approach to encouraging systems in Edmonton to focus on the Early Years