Snapshot of Child Development

What does the EDI tell us about young children’s development in Edmonton Mill Woods?

Snapshot of Child Development
Priorities: Early Development Instrument (EDI) Developmental Domains

MWECC utilizes EDI data collected annually by the Early Child Development Mapping Project (ECMap) completed by Community-University Partnership, University of Alberta to determine priorities for community development, capacity-building and funding. While all areas of healthy development will be addressed where possible, the areas of greatest vulnerability identified on the EDI will be given higher priority.

The top two areas of greatest vulnerability according to the EDI research collected in Mill Woods and published in Fall 2011 are: Communication Skills and General Knowledge and Physical Health and Well Being. The area which demonstrated the most strength was Social Competence.

MWECC Strategic Plan 2013 – 2015

MWECC Vision –

Mill Woods is a community that supports all parents, caregivers and children from pre-conception to age six to reach their full potential.

MWECC Mission –

Through ongoing research and consultation with our communities we will work together to promote the importance of the early years so that young children get the best possible start in life.


Goals and Priorities for 2013-2015

Three overarching goals have been agreed by MWECC to be included in our strategic plan. These are:

  • Understanding and Utilizing Current MW EDI Priorities from Fall 2009
  • Improving communications and publicity for MWECC.
  • Develop partnerships and relationships both internally and externally for the benefit of helping MWECC achieve our collective goals.


Action Plan

A detailed Action Plan has been developed which further breaks down these priorities into ‘Specific Objectives and Actions’ and identifies timescale/milestones, lead agency/service, key partners, outcomes, and resources.