I Am Two – Postcard Series for Parents

Mill Woods Mosaic – December 15, 2013

In this month’s I Am Two feature Mill Woods Early Childhood Coalition continues to explore the early years with a look at how you can help to develop your child’s vocabulary.

Welcome to the Terrific Twos!! A wonderful time to explore, learn and grow. While physical growth is greatest in the first year, the year from age 2 to 3 is a prime time for communication gains. Children have between 100-300 words at age 2 and between 500-1000 words by age 3. And those are just the words that a child uses! This is known as expressive language. Receptive language refers to all of the language that the child knows and understands and those words and concepts are significantly higher in number. Since this year is such a huge one for language attainment, adults need to make the most of it.

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