I Am One – Postcard Series for Parents

Mill Woods Mosaic – November 15, 2013

For the past several months Mill Woods Early Childhood Coalition has been contributing an article about the importance of the Early Years to this newspaper. This month we bring you the second of our I Am series – I am One. In this article we consider how you can encourage your learning and exploration in your child through play.

I am One

At this stage in development children are discovering and exploring the world around them. They are learning about the world through ‘doing’ – through touch, grasp, reach and taste – and through ‘thinking’ about their world and how it works.
You can encourage learning and exploring in your child by:

  • Following their lead. Your child will look at and reach for things she’s interested in. Use words to describe what she’s looking at or doing.
  • Not worrying if their play is “right or wrong.” Discovering something for the first time or for the 100th time will fascinate your child.
  • Watching for cues. Babies and young children have short attention spans and too much play can be tiring and frustrating. When they look away or no longer respond to an activity, it’s time to do something else.
  • Sharing books and singing songs in your own language. The rhythm and repetition of songs and stories encourage language and learning.

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