Community Stories

Fall 2011 – EDI data for Mill Woods area released to MWECC to share with community.

July 2012 –The Coalition hired an assistant to support the role of the group and build capacity. MWECC has since carried out various consultations within the community regarding needs of parents with young children, developed its messaging and sharing of information, worked collaboratively with other coalitions and has developed a strategic plan to guide its actions over the next few years.

From September 2012 – ‘Airing the Laundry’ Community Consultation Developed and used at Community League Day. This simple and easy technique to engage parents in conversations was also used at Strathcona Farmers Market with the other southside Edmonton Coalitions in January 2013.

November 2012 – Special Meeting held to extend membership and share data with Community Partners. Agenda and presentation template created for future public meetings.

March 2013 – Presentation to Mill Woods Public Health Centre to all centre staff. Presentation template created for future public meetings.

April 2013 – First publicity developed for MWECC including poster and leaflet.

May 2013 – Completion of first Mill Woods Early Childhood Coalition Strategic Plan 2013 – 2015.

June 2013 – Leefield Community Consultation – extremely successful meeting with parents of young children in the Leefield community, one of our most vulnerable areas according to EDI research. More than 30 parents attended this informal event to share and discuss EDI findings for this community. We hope to build upon in other communities.

July 2013 – Series of I AM postcards developed with support from Centre for Family Literacy and coalition membrs. MWECC felt it was important that the language of these postcards was simple enough to reach all members of our community without losing their powerful message. Translated versions will be developed in future as required.