Who We Are

Mill Woods Early Childhood Coalition (MWECC) is a group of human service providers, schools, childcare providers, community groups and individuals working together to promote the importance of the early years in our communities and helping to ensure services and programs are in place and are accessible locally for all families with young children.

The MWECC area covers all Mill Woods communities and extends to include Ellerslie, Summerside, and the Meadows areas of Edmonton.

We are proud of the wide range of member agencies involved in our Coalition; see our LOCAL LINKS page for more info.

Please join us! Membership is open to any organization or individual who are committed to the vision of MWECC and wants to lend their support to the group. Collectively we will consider ways for more members of the community to be involved and contribute to the work of this group.

MWECC was originally formed in 2007 as the Children’s sub-committee of the Mill Woods Mapping and Beyond committee which was formed in 2005. In May 2012 the sub-committee name changed to Mill Woods Early Childhood Coalition (MWECC) as it is now known. In July 2012 it hired an assistant to support the role of the group and build capacity. MWECC has since carried out various consultations within the community regarding needs of parents with young children, developed its messaging and sharing of information, worked collaboratively with other coalitions and has developed a strategic plan to guide its actions over the next few years.