Who We Are


EEYC is a group representing the seven Edmonton early childhood coalitions that works to leverage our collective strengths, resources and wisdom to raise awareness of the importance of early years.  We are a catalyst working with families, community members, early childhood development experts, governments and funders to facilitate the development and implementation of strategies that support and promote healthy early childhood development throughout Edmonton.


Edmonton’s young children are thriving.  Children and their families are mentally and emotionally strong and resilient enough to take on the challenges of tomorrow.


We share evidence-based information with each other, communities and decision makers, and work together to influence system and policy change to promote optimal early childhood development.  We align and coordinate resources at systems levels and in the community.  We know that through leveraging the strengths of our individual coalitions, we will have the most effective impact on improving early childhood development in our city.

Key Messages

1)      We know early childhood experiences can impact lifelong outcomes including education, careers, interpersonal relationships and long term physical and mental health.   Therefore, we believe it is important to try to ensure that early experiences are positive and growth enhancing.

2)      We work to raise awareness of the importance of early years, and to influence the development and implementation of policies, strategies and programs that support early childhood development (ECD).

3)      We know that investing in our children’s early years will result in healthier people and communities and cost savings in the long run.

4)      We believe that each one of us can play a role in ensuring all children have positive early childhood experiences and development, by sharing what we know about brain development in the early years and translating such into action.

To find out what’s happening with young children in your part of the city, to connect with your local coalition, or to get involved to help support our young children, click on the map to your left or input your postal code at the top of the page.


To see the newly released EDI Data (Early Development Instrument) for the 7 early childhood coalition areas in Edmonton, please go to the “SNAPSHOT OF CHILD DEVELOPMENT” tab.